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English for Classes 9th & 10th (Hybrid Program)

The Career starting years!



Full Year

3 classes/week




Ankita Mam

About the Course

We believe in keeping things simple, enjoyable and practical. We generally do whatever-it-takes to LEVEL UP your child's understanding, interest & performance.

Allow us to go through some important points:

  • Hybrid Learning: Mix of both Online & Offline Learning
  • Uniquely interactive live classes
  • Regular & do-able assignments & worksheets
  • Test on every weekend
  • Unlimited Doubt Session (Group & Individual)
  • All of the above, in an extremely fun & motivating environment


  • Develops a deeper understanding & interest for English
  • Enhances cognitive & learning abilities
  • Builds confidence to perform better
  • Regular tests instils a sense of discipline
  • If you hesitate asking in the class, you won’t hesitate now 



Ankita Kukreja

She has more than 10 years of teaching experience. Armed with a Bachelor's & Master's Degree in English Literature from Delhi University (North Campus) she has also been part of various schools and institutes, even at competitive levels, in the past.

With a dynamic, cheerful and charismatic personality, she'll ensure an enviable score of 95+ in English, just for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The classes will be Offline in the institute & the recorded lectures will be there on our App. 

This is especially for those who hesitate asking in the class. You can reach out to any faculty, anytime, before & after the class.

3 free demo sessions, boys & girls. See you in the class!

All our efforts and intention are directed towards completing the syllabus by October end.

The respected parents are given feedback on call and on LEVEL UP ACADEMY app at regular intervals. As a parent, please feel free to reach out to anyone from our team, for anything.

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